How can I make it easier to stick with my GERD treatment?

There are many reasons people don't follow their treatment plan. Some may not like the side effects of medications. Others may feel discouraged because they don't feel better right away, or they doubt that any treatment will help. Having the patience to stay with your treatment plan is the best thing you can do to control your GERD.

What Strategies Can I Use?

  • Talk with your doctor if you don't understand any part of your treatment, how to take your medication, how to change your diet, or how to manage your stress.
  • If you have difficulty remembering when to take your medicine, use products such as check-off calendars, containers for daily doses, or bottle caps that beep when it's time to take a dose. These are available at pharmacies.
  • Let close friends and family members know about your treatment plan and ask them to help you follow it. For instance, they can remind you to take your medication or help you avoid foods that aggravate your GERD.

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