What do I need to do if I have GERD?

You are in charge of your health. You can make a difference in your GERD by:

  • taking medications as prescribed and making lifestyle changes to ease symptoms
  • keeping track of your medications
  • tracking your symptoms
  • talking with your doctor about any symptom change, medication side effects, or symptoms that are not getting better
  • removing any barriers that may be keeping you from following your treatment plan
  • getting the support you need

The treatment plan that you and your doctor develop consists of more than just a prescription for medication. You need to take action to manage your GERD symptoms. If you don't, they can easily return - or worse, never go away.


Your symptoms may be affected by diet, medications, and other factors. In this section, you will learn skills that you can apply day to day. These skills will guide you in practical ways to manage your GERD and live your life fully.

While your doctor, specialist, or healthcare providers are important members of your healthcare team, you are the most important member of that team. You are the only one who can:

  • seek out the best treatment with the right healthcare providers
  • talk honestly and thoroughly about your symptoms, your lifestyle, and the concerns you have about treatment
  • ask the questions you need answered to stay informed
  • follow your treatment plan and let your healthcare providers know how treatment is working
  • adopt a healthy lifestyle that contributes to healing