10 Tips for How to Relieve Sinus Pressure


Head to the Drugstore

 Barry Winiker/Photolibrary/Thinkstock
Barry Winiker/Photolibrary/Thinkstock

Many causes of sinus pressure — like bacterial infections or structural issues with the sinuses themselves — need to be treated medically, either through surgery or prescription medications. So if you have a fever or your sinus problems seem like they never go away, see a doctor. For everything else, there is over-the-counter relief.

Decongestants like SUDAFED® products work to ease the swelling in nasal passages and take the edge off sinus pressure. They are available as pills or liquids for children, and are sometimes combined with other active ingredients to treat other symptoms, like head congestion, sinus pain, sore throat, and chest congestion and cough. Always use as directed, and consult a medical professional before using pills for more than a week. Children under 4 should not use OTC decongestants or cold medicines.

Sinus Congestion Tips

Here is some information to help you with sinus congestion.

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