10 Tips for How to Relieve Sinus Pressure



nasal spray
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Sadly, this trick does not involve a cute (but destructive) cartoon alien. The humble saline spray bottle is certainly less cool than Marvin the Martian's weapon of choice, but if it relieves the pounding in your head without destroying the planet in the process, we're guessing you won't mind.

Like most of us, your nasal passages enjoy the wet ocean breeze, and a nasal saline spray is the next best thing to a beach day for your honker. Better still, these over-the-counter salt-water sprays provide non-irritating relief. [source: Mayo Clinic "saline"].

As another layer of defense, you can use saline gel to moisturize in and around your nostrils.

Sinus Congestion Tips

Here is some information to help you with sinus congestion.

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