10 Types of Headaches and How to Combat Them

Transformed Migraines (Mixed Headache Syndrome)

While migraines are usually episodic, sometimes they become regular, unwelcome fixtures in a person's life. When this happens, these headaches are referred to as transformed or chronic migraines.

Though more frequent, the pain involved in transformed migraines is throbbing and vascular, where each "lub-dub" of your heart brings an accompanying "ouch, ouch." Fortunately, the pain is less severe than traditional migraines.

Overuse of medication may contribute to the ongoing episodes. These headaches can also be triggered by (or blended with) tension headaches. And the longer you experience periodic migraines, the more likely these headaches will transform into chronic migraines.

One way to prevent them is to maintain a healthy weight and develop good coping methods for stress in your life. Left unchecked, these difficult-to-treat headaches can cause depression and anxiety over time. However, a specialist may be able to find some combination of available migraine treatments to help prevent or relieve these reoccurring headaches.

Is America's favorite morning beverage worth the pain? We'll find out next.

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