4 Occupations Prone to Sinus Trouble


Firefighters put their lives at risk every time they rush to answer an emergency call. What most people don't know is that smoke inhalation is the most common cause of death from a fire, not burns or injuries from the fire itself. Smoke is composed of extremely small but highly irritating particles that can damage the lungs and sinuses, even when inhaled in small amounts.

Firefighters take precautions to limit their exposure to smoke, wearing professional-grade smoke masks and breathing apparatus at the scene of a fire. They know that repeated smoke inhalation can lead to a host of health problems, including chronic sinus swelling and blockage. But even with all those precautions in place, firefighters are still exposed to irritants any time they fight a fire.

Smoke from a fire can be a problem for folks who don't fight them for a living, too. If you're exposed to smoke from a nearby forest or building fire, remember that conventional paper dust masks aren't designed to filter out fine smoke particles. You're better off staying indoors as much as possible until the smoke clears [source: EPA].

Sinus Congestion Tips

Here is some information to help you with sinus congestion.

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