Could food trigger my migraines?

Many kinds of food trigger migraine headaches. Sometimes it's a single food, sometimes a combination of foods and drinks. Also, when you eat or drink these foods may influence the onset of headaches.

Foods that bother you now may not bother you in the future and vice versa. Foods and drinks that contain tyramine, an amino acid that naturally occurs in your body, are known to cause migraine headaches.


Sometimes people avoid suspected food triggers to the point that they eliminate many foods from their diet. This can affect your overall nutrition. You can also get more headaches if you skip meals or just don't eat enough. Your healthcare provider can help you strike a healthy balance between avoiding food triggers and maintaining a healthy diet.

To find out more about common food and drink triggers, follow the topics below in the next few articles:

If you suspect your headaches are triggered by a certain food that is not discussed here, ask your doctor about it. It may contain a substance that makes your headaches begin or get worse.


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