How might the environment trigger my migraines?

Any of the following environmental factors can trigger a migraine headache:

  • changes in humidity
  • very high humidity
  • changes in temperature
  • changes in barometric pressure
  • high winds
  • sunlight reflections or glare, especially off snow, sand, or water

Weather changes can affect the chemical balance of your body. Extreme temperatures, for instance, can make a headache worse. Some people can actually predict storms by their headaches because they're very sensitive to drops in barometric pressure, especially on drizzly and cloudy days.


People who are affected by high winds may actually be sensitive to the electrically charged dust particles in the air. Some people also get headaches when they are in a stuffy, crowded room.

If sunlight reflections or glare triggers your headaches, you may find that other types of flickering light, such as computers, movies, strobe lights, fluorescent lighting, and the lights from oncoming traffic at night, may also bother you.

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