What can I do to prevent headache symptoms?

To prevent headache pain, you need to both keep track of your symptoms and avoid your triggers.

Can tracking information help me?

Tracking your headache symptoms and what triggers them will give you the information you need to reduce the number of headaches you have. It will also help both you and your doctor monitor changes in your headache patterns. If your patterns change, you may need a different approach to treatment and self-management.

You may find it helpful to keep a headache diary for tracking your headaches. A headache diary helps you describe your headaches and how they respond to treatment. Your ability to describe information clearly is one of the best tools you have when working with your doctor. It helps ensure you get the right diagnosis and treatment for your headache.

A headache diary also helps you sort out symptoms so you can see if you get more than one type of headache. Different headaches may need different types of treatment. It can also help you identify triggers.

You might find it helpful to keep track of days when you are headache free. How do you handle stress on those days? What in particular do you do to avoid your usual triggers?

Keeping a headache diary can be as simple as jotting down your symptoms on a calendar when they occur. Or you can list them in a notebook and indicate what you were doing right before they occurred. You can also keep a more formal log or diary in which you record not only your symptoms as they occur but also your experience with your treatments.

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