Why do I need to keep track of my headache symptoms and triggers and how can I do it?

If your symptoms change over time, it may mean your headache type is changing. If that's the case, you may require a new treatment plan. You should also be aware of symptoms that are danger signals, which should be reported to a doctor right away.

Your triggers may also change over time. You may, for instance, start having headaches every time you eat chocolate. If you aren't keeping track of your triggers, you may not know why you're suddenly getting many more headaches. That could result in more headaches than you should have.

Keeping a headache diary is an excellent way to track your symptoms and triggers and the changes that occur with each.

What should I tell my doctor about what I've tracked?

Always share your tracked information with your doctor. This will help you and your doctor choose the proper medication to manage your headaches.

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