What are hormone-related migraines?

Many women who have migraine headaches find they are triggered or worsened by hormonal changes. Drops in the level of the hormone estrogen may play a role. This type of migraine can last longer and be more difficult to treat than other migraines. Hormone-related migraines can greatly affect a woman's ability to function.

When they occur. Hormone-related migraines often occur when estrogen levels fall, which is right before the menstrual period begins or on the first period day of a woman's cycle.


What makes them worse. They can worsen during the first trimester of pregnancy, becoming less severe as the pregnancy progresses. Birth control pills or estrogen-replacement therapy often provokes them or makes them worse.

What eases them.If you are a woman with hormone-related headaches, you may find they become less frequent as you get older and your estrogen levels drop.

For more information about hormones as headache triggers, see Could Hormones Cause My Migraines?


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