Questions to Ask Your Osteoporosis Doctor

Review the following "Questions To Ask" about osteoporosis so you're prepared to discuss this important health issue with your health care professional.

1. Am I at risk for osteoporosis? Will I be at-risk as I get older?


2. What symptoms should I look for?

3. How can I limit my risk and prevent osteoporosis?

4. Am I taking any medicines that could put me at higher risk for developing osteoporosis?

5. What tests should I have to determine if I have bone loss or osteoporosis?

6. What medications are available to treat or prevent osteoporosis? What are their benefits and side effects? Will these drugs interact with any other medications that I am taking?

7. Are there any other things I can do, besides taking medication, to reduce my risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture?

8. How do I know if I have fractured a bone in my spine?

9. What kinds of exercise are best for me, and how often should I exercise?

10. How much calcium should I get from my diet? Should I take calcium supplements?

11. How do vitamin D and milk help me get enough calcium in my system? What should I do to make sure I'm getting enough vitamin D and dairy products daily?

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