Pain Medication Q & A

"Fear of addiction has prevented many physicians from prescribing needed pain relief and many patients from controlling their pain, but taking medication over long periods of time for medical reasons does not have to lead to addiction. The difference between a patient with addiction and a patient who is dependent on medications for chronic pain is simple. The dependent patient with chronic pain has improved function with his use of the drugs and the patient with addiction does not."

— Dr. Scott Fishman


Alternative Ways to Take Pain Medication

What are the alternatives to shots and pills for taking pain medication?

Pain Medications and Their Content

Why do so many narcotic medications contain caffeine, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen?

Magnets as Pain Treatment

Are magnets effective for treating pain?

Analgesia Overdose

What are the chances of overdosing with patient-controlled analgesia?

Addiction v. Dependence on Pain Medications

What is the difference between being addicted and being dependent?

Opioids for Treating Pain

What sort of side effects should one expect from this group of medications?