Where can you find a disinfecting home nebulizer for cystic fibrosis?

A home nebulizer may be an essential device if you have cystic fibrosis. There are many different options and you should pick the best home nebulizer for your needs. If a home nebulizer is a necessity, your health care provider should assist you with finding a home nebulizer that suits your budget and health needs. Your health care provider should also provide you with assistance on how to use a home nebulizer.

A home nebulizer converts cystic fibrosis or asthma medication from liquid to mist form, making the inhalation of the medication easier. This allows the medication to reach your lungs more efficiently. Effective delivery of cystic fibrosis medication is essential for a good treatment plan, improving quality and longevity of life. A nebulizer is composed of three pieces: a medication cup, a "tee" piece, and a mouthpiece with tubing attached to it. These components are then attached to an air compressor [source: Asthma Stuff]. Home nebulizers are especially important for infants, children, and the elderly, who may have particular difficulty inhaling asthma medication.

Most home nebulizer models are heavy, big and require an electrical outlet. There are certain models, however, that are smaller, portable, and have a battery pack. These portable options may be necessary if you or your child require medication frequently throughout the day. The portable models, however, are generally more expensive and not typically covered by insurance plans. These portable models are also not suitable for certain types of medication [source: Specialty Medical]. Disposable home nebulizers are also available. A disposable nebulizer can be used for up to two weeks when cleaned in between use. A reuseable home nebulizer, however, is much more durable, and can last six months to a year [source: Asthma Stuff].

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