How do you treat heavy congestion?

A range of home treatments and pharmaceutical medications are available to treat heavy congestion. These methods can stand alone, or be applied together for maximum benefit.

Nasal steroids are gaining much popularity among the medical community for the long-term treatment of congestion. Nasal steroids contain corticosteroids, which is a hormone produced naturally by the body. The corticosteroids are sprayed into the nasal cavities and work by reducing inflammation, mucus, and swelling in the nose and sinuses. Nasal steroids provide relief to those suffering from chronic and heavy congestion, often caused by an allergic reaction. While nasal steroids do not provide immediate relief (it may take up to 24 hours until some of the symptoms are reduced and up to two weeks for complete relief of heavy congestion) they can be used for extended lengths of time and have few, if any, side effects.


However, if quick relief from heavy congestion is what you require, try using a nasal spray. While nasal sprays offer immediate relief from heavy congestion, these types of sprays contain decongestants, a product which is known to be addictive. Furthermore, even though decongestants may provide quick relief from heavy congestion, this relief is only short lived and prolonged use of nasal sprays reduces the efficacy of the decongestant, requiring you to increase the amount and frequency of the dosages to achieve the same results. Other side effects of nasal sprays include raising blood pressure and causing damage to the nasal passages.

For those who prefer nature-based therapies to treat heavy congestion, try burning a teaspoon of cardamom seeds on hot coals and breathing in the smoke this creates. Alternatively, saline solutions, which can be used as often as you like, may also provide relief from some of the congestion. Make your own saline solution by combining boiling water and salt or baking soda. Then, once the solution has cooled, use a dropper to place a few drops of the liquid into each nostril. Blow your nose once you feel the solution reach your throat.

Alternatively, take a hot bath or increase the moisture in the air by using a vaporizer. The heat and moisture may help provide some relief heavy congestion.