Is USDA certified organic food safer than regular food?

By: Emilie Sennebogen

Health Benefits of USDA Certified Organic Food

So, is a food better for you if it has the certified organic label front and center? There hasn't been any evidence so far indicates that certified organic food is any more nutritious for you than nonorganic foods. Proponents of organic living will say that organic food is inherently better because it isn't treated with chemical pesticides, hormones and preservatives. People who think the organic industry is too hyped point to inconclusive studies on whether or not these additives make a food less healthy. The amount of chemical residue on your broccoli hasn't been proven to present a significant health risk, but who knows what this means over a lifetime of dining? Some people try to support organic farming because of its environmental benefits like conserving water and soil and reducing pollution. Some folks even say that organic foods taste better. One thing you can count on is that the organic choice is going to cost more money -- sometimes a lot more -- depending on what food is in your basket.


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