5 Things Men Are Most Embarrassed About Their Bodies


Back Hair

According to popular opinion, a man is supposed to have copious amounts of hair in some places and absolutely none in others. Who made these rules anyway?

Back hair -- the kind that peeks up over your shirt collar, creates a furry blanket over your shoulders and blocks the sun on your lats when you're at the pool -- is one of those traits that men curse the gods of genetics for having "blessed" them with. It's viewed by some onlookers as a sign of uncleanness. It gets washed as often as the rest of you. Still, many men are thoroughly ashamed of it.

But it's all a matter of embracing it. A guy who wears his furry coat proudly and can chuckle at himself may soon be viewed as a "that funny bear of a man." If you really hate it, you can have it waxed off at a salon -- or by a particularly sympathetic significant other. Plenty of men in Hollywood have just such a Mr. Miyagi-esque treatment -- not perfect genes -- to thank for their back's hairless state.