5 Things Men Are Most Embarrassed About Their Bodies


Again we venture into the bigger-is-better department. Some guys are overly concerned about their height. Maybe it comes from the playground, from desperately trying to shoot a basketball over the outstretched arms of a taller opponent or from looking up into the disinterested eyes of a slow-dance partner way back in middle school. Being "too short" is embarrassing for many guys, though it doesn't need to be. Undersized men have succeeded as actors (think Tom Cruise or Mark Wahlberg) and athletes (NFL running back Darren Sproles and former NBA slam dunk champion Spud Webb), and many professions in between. And it can go the other way, too. Some men worry that they're too tall because they've been called big galoots and awkward oafs.

Let's face it: None of these traits are worth worrying about. If you embrace them, they might even become attributes -- or, at least, your self-confidence and sense of humor will.

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