5 Things Women Are Most Embarrassed About Their Bodies


Pears, Cowlicks, Clodhoppers

Women are born with features that embarrass them as soon as they become aware that there's an opposite or an ideal different than what they have naturally. Tall women may wish they were shorter; pear-shaped women who are small on top and ample in the hips might want an hourglass shape, with curves on top to match those around their bottoms. Large-breasted girls sometimes want smaller attributes, while small-breasted females want triple the cup size. Heels, flats, lifting and minimizing bras, and even surgeries and implants for bottoms and breasts are just some of the ways to work with a woman's natural assets to decrease sources of embarrassment or self-consciousness.

Other features we're born with are more readily changeable but nonetheless can cause a lifetime of frustration, not to mention thousands of hours of time and hard work. Hair too curly, straight, gray, flat, frizzy or thinning? Try straightening, perming, dying, curling, flat-ironing or extending -- maybe with pieces of hair cut from someone who was born with too much.

And hair on the body where it isn't supposed to be? That can be some of the most embarrassing of all, requiring shaving, lasering and plucking and involving all manners of painful and repeat trips to de-fuzzify, bare and smooth our brows, underarms and undercover parts. Even the cost of all this hair removal can be embarrassing.

Unlike on a man, though, a mustache on a woman has never been fashionable; it just has to go.