5 Things Women Are Most Embarrassed About Their Bodies


Glowing, Oily, Stinky

You know those commercials and magazine ads for men about controlling the shine from oily skin? No? Because there aren't many -- if any at all. Women battle the oilies on their faces by priming, prepping, blotting and powdering away every drop of potential sebum coming from facial pores. But that's the least of their worries.

Other secretions are less in your face, but far more embarrassing, namely those involving the pits, soles and "feminine places" mentioned so delicately in advertising. Many, many women battle excessive perspiration and the stains and aromas that come with it. Deodorants to mask smells and antiperspirants to control wetness help some, but they don't always last all day or provide much help at all when things are hot and heavy in the gym, during menopause or in the heat of the moment.

Foot odor is perhaps more common or more uncommonly bad in males, but females have embarrassing issues, not just with the scent of feet, but also with moisture that makes it hard to keep on cute, slick sandals or to want to take off fashion-forward knee boots that allow the aroma to simmer undercover until exposed to open air.

Other scents of a woman are of such a personal nature that they're too embarrassing to even talk about. So we won't.