Where are your frontal sinuses located?

The nasal sinuses are composed of several different air-filled pockets located on the face. The frontal sinuses are located on your forehead. More specifically, the frontal sinuses are located between the lamina of the frontal bone. You have one frontal sinus for each side of your nose; they are positioned right above your eyes and eyebrows, directly in front of your brain. Each sinus has an opening, called the ostium, which connects to your nose [source:

American Rhinologic Society].

The frontal sinuses drain mucous and fluid from the ethmoid sinuses. When there is a blockage in the ethmoid sinuses, your frontal sinuses become backed up, leading to inflammation and pain. Sinus pain and tenderness right above your eyes or around your eyes is usually an indication that your frontal sinuses are inflamed. It's a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor when you have symptoms of a sinus infection.

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