10 Crazy Things Contacts Can Do

Contacts can do so much more than correct your vision, and new applications are constantly in development. © AndreyPopov/iStock/Thinkstock

About 36 million people wear contact lenses in the U.S. alone, and that number grows every year -- the idea of using a small, soft lens to enhance how we see is hardly a new concept. But other than correcting refractive errors (the kind of vision problems caused when light doesn't properly bend as it enters the eyes, resulting in blurry images), what have your contact lenses done for you lately?

What if contacts could help people with diabetes monitor their blood sugar levels? Or cure blindness? Or show you the newest e-mail to hit your inbox? Contacts can do some crazy things; let's start by talking about how they can turn your brown eyes ... hey, is that glow in the dark?