10 Crazy Things Contacts Can Do

Cosmetic Contact Lenses
The cat-eye contact is a Halloween staple. To protect the health of your eyes, be sure to get any special effects lenses through a medical professional. © afhunta/iStock/Thinkstock

Contacts can do more than turn your brown eyes blue. Decorative (cosmetic) contact lenses can make your eyes glow in the dark, splash your favorite team's name or logo across your eye, or, if you're going for gold, give you the eye of the tiger.

As fun as they may be, though, decorative contact lenses are associated with eye injury, such as corneal scratches, and if you're not careful, that kind of eye damage may cause infection and even blindness. The FDA regulates contact lenses and recommends you always get fitted for lenses, get a prescription (even if you don't wear corrective lenses) and buy your contacts from a medical professional for the safest results.

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