10 Crazy Things Contacts Can Do

Prevent Glaucoma-induced Blindness
Regular vision checkups -- with glaucoma screenings -- can keep you from being one of the millions of people who have glaucoma and don't know it. © Slawomir Kruz/iStock/Thinkstock

More than half of the 2.2 million Americans who have glaucoma don't know it; there really aren't any obvious symptoms until the condition has already been allowed to develop for years (or decades, in some cases).

Glaucoma is caused by an elevated pressure in your eye. It's a condition that everyone is at risk of developing, that has no cure and that's the second leading cause of blindness (if it's not properly treated -- and even when it is, 10 percent of patients will still lose some or all of their vision) [source: Glaucoma Research Foundation].

Enter the contact lens.

Experimental contact lenses monitor subtle changes in the eye over a month's time and deliver pain-relieving and eyesight-saving medication to decrease fluid production and lower pressure in the eye. This is instead of the traditional eye drops (which the eye absorbs less than 7 percent of) [source: Children's Hospital Boston]. Oh, and they'll also correct your vision at the same time, if you need it.

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