10 Crazy Things Contacts Can Do

Create Personal Virtual Displays
Your contact lens could eventually show you augmented reality information and text alerts. © arcoss/iStock/Thinkstock

Hold up; you too may soon be able to have your very own personal Terminator-style augmented reality display -- yes, right on your eye. Receive a new text message? Your high-tech eye will show it to you. As well as driving directions, holographic images, news and any other information. How? Through your contact lens, of course.

Bionic contact lenses are showing promise in the laboratory, but they're still prototypes and aren't yet available for you and me. These lenses are rigged with small, thin electronic circuits and LEDs and are powered wirelessly to deliver small, real-time bits of information straight to your line of sight. The question now isn't if they can be made, but how much can actually be displayed on a human eye.

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