10 Crazy Things Contacts Can Do

Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels
Pricking a finger to test blood glucose could be a thing of the past. © Yingko/iStock/Thinkstock

Just like fitness bracelets or other gadgets that track your steps or your calories, wearable technology is moving from your wrist to the surface of your eye. Google is working on a smart contact lens, not to give you directions or display your e-mail, but to monitor and report your blood sugar levels.

Google's smart contact lenses are based on the idea that you don't need to prick your finger to test your blood sugar level when you could instead monitor your levels through your tears. The prototype is a soft lens designed so your tears flow through a pinhole and over a glucose monitor. The results of the reading are transmitted from an antenna embedded within the lens to a handheld device, and it's all powered with wireless RFID technology.