5 Memory Boosters


Learn Memory Tricks

If your memory is not as good as it used to be, practice some of the memory tricks that have been used by experts and politicians throughout the ages.

Visualization and association are both helpful when trying to remember names and details. For example, when meeting a new person, repeat their name several times and visualize an object or animal that will help you recall their name more easily.

When trying to remember important details, use a visualization technique that goes back to ancient Greece. Imagine your house and imagine walking through it. As you go room to room in your mind, connect each room or an item in each room with a fact or idea that you need to recall later. Practice your mental walk a few times and, when you try later, you should be able to recall the facts or ideas that you had linked to these rooms or items.

However, you can also go with tried-and-true tricks: placing a calendar in a prominent location, writing down everything in a notebook that contains all your to-do's and lists and finding easy-to-see places where you always leave important items such as glasses and keys.

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