Test Your Brain

Test Your Brain Answers
  1. His son. Draw a box and label it Bill. Draw another box for his mother-in-law and connect them. Draw a third box for his mother-in-law's only daughter, who has to be Bill's wife. Then a fourth box, who also has to be Bill's son—and very disturbed at his father as well.
  2. 27. Each number has three times the value of the number preceding it.
  3. B, general knowledge question.
  4. Cholesterol
  5. Madonna is 15 in a system that awards 5 points for each syllable in the name.
  6. 24
  7. Brain. All others have hair—legs and groin on the skin, while the ears and lungs have tiny hairs called cilia that serve a cleaning function.
  8. 20
  9. Hand
  10. Sequoia
  11. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  12. Attack at dawn Monday. The lieutenant lifted the first letter out of each word and strung the letters together.


11–12: Among the most intelligent people around

8–10: Very intelligent

5–7: Respectable score

4 or below: Chalk it up to a bad day