10 Most Common Reasons for an ER Visit


Back Pain

Believe it or not, back pain is an increasingly common case in the ER.

Even though some instances of back pain involve gradual soreness, an accident or faulty movement might push someone to strain a back muscle or even harm one of the many bones comprising the spinal column.

In 2008, back pain earned its spot as the No. 1 reason for patients to visit the ER, doctor or other health clinics [source: Owens et al.]. In the majority of instances, a condition called spondylosis, or the degeneration of cervical or lumbar discs, contributes to patients' pain.

According to health experts, back pain may be caused by daily activities, lifting or twisting the area the wrong way, or a lack of muscles to strengthen the back [source: American College of Emergency Physicians Foundation]. On the other hand, such pain may signify another health problem such as kidney stones, arthritis or a herniated disc. This is why back pain in older individuals is worth investigating if it's not already chronic.

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