10 Jobs that Will Likely Send You to the ER


Truck Driver

Traffic is the bane of existence for commuters. Staring over a sea of unmoving cars and looking out for aggressive or simply unskilled drivers is enough to raise anyone's blood pressure.

So it makes sense that truck drivers experience a great deal of stress on the road. The leading cause of death for truck drivers, however, is leaving the roadway and crashing or colliding with another vehicle, according to the Washington Department of Labor and Industries. Other deaths are caused by falling freight, being hit by a vehicle while outside the truck, falling from the truck or loading dock and electrocution [source: Washington Department of Labor and Industries]. Truck drivers are 11 times more likely than the general worker to die on the job [source: NIOSH Science Blog].

The more common, everyday injury or complaint is neck and shoulder pain. Eleven hours of driving will do that to you. A less obvious cause of illness for long-haul truckers is heart attacks. Because of the nature of the job, they resort to a fast-food diet that's low in exercise. Combine those factors with an irregular sleep schedule and the stress level, and the human heart just might surrender.