10 Jobs that Will Likely Send You to the ER


Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers are responsible for getting many an intoxicated reveler and weary traveler to where they need to be. There's a perception of danger on the side of the passenger -- after all, you have no idea whose car you're getting into.

But less widely recognized is the danger passengers pose to the driver. Most of us who live in cities would never pick up a hitchhiker, fearing a Santa Rose Hitchhiker Murderer sort of end. But that's what taxi drivers do all day. And they're often alone at night and in possession of cash, which makes them an attractive target.

According to NIOSH, cabbies are more likely to be injured or murdered on the job than police officers or guards [source: NIOSH Science Blog]. The organization has been working since 2008 on epidemiological research on violence against taxi drivers. One project involves analysis of newspaper articles describing the more than 700 taxi driver murders reported between 1992 and 2006, in the hopes of being able to make prevention recommendations based on the findings.