5 Most Dangerous Recreational Sports (with the most ER visits)

Baseball and Softball

"Play ball!" That is, at your own risk. No. 4 on our list is America's favorite pastime, baseball. Included in the data -- and the 282,008 ER visits -- is its cousin, the fine sport of softball.

Plastic surgeons take note: The most common body part to be injured is the face. Though collisions are common when rounding the bases, most of those facial injuries, 68 percent, resulted from direct contact with the ball [source: Bak]. This gives a new meaning to "heads up."

But there's consolation in this: Only 5,468 of those injured were admitted to the hospital for a longer stay [source: NEISS]. That's the fewest out of the five most dangerous recreactional sports (in contrast, No. 5 on this list, ATVs, led to 26,078 hospital stays or deaths on arrival).

And to prove that boys play rough, about two-thirds of baseball/softball injuries were from male respondents [source: NEISS].