10 Important Facts About Army Medical Training


Boot Camp

Health Care Specialists, also known as combat medics, endure the 10-week basic combat training program, also called "boot camp." In addition, these soldiers receive 16 weeks of individual medical training, which enables them to provide emergency medical care on the battlefield and in transit to base hospitals [source: U.S. Army].

For medical positions such as Medical Corps officer, however, Army medical training typically doesn't require boot camp [source: U.S. Army].

But before assuming Army Medical Corps officers lack the skills to perform their jobs well abroad, it's important to recognize their responsibilities and other training they receive. Instead of boot camp, these medical professionals attend an Officer Basic Leadership Course, which focuses more on medical leadership and basic Army mentality.

Some join the service for love of country, whereas others enjoy the competitive pay and flexibility of working in the medical sector of the military.

Like other branches of the military, the Army maintains a stable hierarchy, even for its medical practitioners. Find out how this changes training efforts on the next page.