10 Important Facts About Army Medical Training


Prior Experience

Who is eligible to receive Army medical training?

The answer to this question depends largely on the position you're considering. Most physician appointments, for instance, require recruits to obtain a doctorate in their specific field from an accredited institution as well as a license from one U.S. state beforehand. This may also include receiving a degree from an independent or joint medical program between the U.S. Army and academic institutions.

There are, however, many training opportunities for people without doctorates. Many vital positions, including combat medics and operating room specialists, require basic training and weeks of individual training. Other specialties -- such as serving as a physician assistant or dietician -- require a degree in a specific field and civilian certification [source: U.S. Army].

Medical professionals usually enter Army training by enlisting in an active position or as a member of the Army Reserve, in which soldiers serve part-time and may be called to active duty when necessary [source: U.S. Army]. Some even maintain private practices while serving in the reserves.