10 Important Facts About Army Medical Training


Continual Change

Similar to fields in modern medicine, training for Army personnel evolves all the time. From World War II to the present, medical training has received multiple overhauls.

Today, methods of adult education allow more hands-on learning and practicing skills directly tied to a given job rather than solely taking written exams.

Army medical training has also evolved closely with EMT training, with both fields setting the bar. In the '50s and '60s, the Army was ahead of the curve for trauma care. But in recent years, civilian medical providers are leading the way [source: Koyle].

And similar to other forms of modern medicine, Army staff takes more preventive approaches in helping patients. This may include more health screening, a greater focus on well-being and diet, and more attention given to mental health disorders.

Last but not least, Army medical training requires knowledge of treating common combat injuries. Check out which skills medics need on the next page.