Top 10 Specialties in the Army Medical Corps



Otolaryngologists, more commonly known as ear, nose and throat specialists, diagnose and treat those areas of the body, as well as ailments of the head and neck.

For soldiers, the sense of hearing is extremely important, but nose and throat stressors, such as allergies, can affect well-being, too. Often referred to as ENT physicians, otolaryngologists treat the ears for infections, balance disorders, tinnitus, hearing loss and more. They also treat the nose for allergies, injuries or conditions affecting the nasal cavities and sinuses, sinusitis, problems with sense of smell, polyps and nasal obstructions (such as deviated septum). They may also perform nose surgery, or rhinoplasty.

The ENT treats the throat and surrounding areas for speech and upper digestive disorders, and works with head and neck malignancies, injuries, infections and deformities.