10 Ways Army Doctors Prevent Troop Illnesses

Research and Development

Unfortunately, not all diseases that soldiers encounter in the field are treatable. Illnesses like Nipah virus don't have a cure, but doctors are making progress toward finding an antiviral drug to treat them. Nipah virus is a contagious disease in Southeast Asia that causes swelling in the brain as well as respiratory problems.

Diseases like these can incapacitate soldiers in the field, and both Army doctors and independent researchers are constantly working on developing new vaccines and treatments for medical issues that soldiers encounter. Army medical facilities like the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases are dedicated to developing new vaccines and treatments to prevent troop illness.

Army doctors do their best through prevention, education, drug treatments and vaccinations to prevent troop illness, but few preventive medicine techniques are 100 percent effective. What are an Army doctor's priorities when troops do become ill? Find out next.

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