Top 5 Challenges for Army Field Medics

Long Deployments

Military campaigns have always required armies to be far from home for months or years at a time. While advances in communication and transportation technology -- like air travel and video phones -- allow a certain level of connection to take place more frequently, it can never replace being with your loved ones in the same room.

Army field medics are no more immune to this than any other military personnel. In fact, as deployments around the world have grown longer and more frequent, the need to care for the mental well-being of caregivers has risen too. To help with this, Congress funds the Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) in Bethesda, Md. [source: Center for Deployment Psychology]. Founded in 2006, the CDP's purpose is to provide the strong psychological support needed by today's soldiers.

While being deployed away from home for long stretches isn't unique to the Medical Corps, it deservedly ranks among the top challenges. But what are some of the more unique challenges Army Field Medics face?

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