10 Future Jobs in Health Care

Medical Scribe
A medical scribe enters a patient's medical information into an electronic health record. Hans Neleman/Getty Images

Electronic health records (EHRs) seem like a huge time-saver for physicians. No more note-taking during visits and dictating patient information afterward. Actually, EHRs are more time-consuming, as doctors are required to enter more detailed information into the computer system.This translates into less time with patients, which is never a good thing. Enter the medical scribe, a new and fast-growing health care position [source: Scribe America].

A medical scribe joins the medical provider in the exam room and enter the patient's medical information into the EHR. They also pull info for providers in preparation for upcoming appointments and, if the provider requests, may respond to various messages and research information [source: American Health Information Management Association]. Because the position provides an intimate look into the medical field and offers the chance for collaboration with physicians, some medical schools in the U.S. are suggesting future med school students first work a bit as medical scribes to obtain some pertinent background and experience. However, Scribe America says the minimum qualification for the job is a high school diploma; a college degree, ability to type and use a computer and experience with medical terminology are all preferred.