5 Realities of a Post-antibiotic World

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Sharing Leftover Antibiotics Is a Really Bad Practice

Sharing Leftover Antibiotics Is a Really Bad Practice

American of Pediatrics research found parents are sharing antibiotics originally prescribed for their children. HowStuffWorks looks at the report.

Author's Note: 5 Realities of a Post-antibiotic World

I was sitting at my kitchen table working on this article when my visiting brother-in-law complained of a mild sore throat and found a bottle of unused antibiotics in our medicine cabinet. As I watched him pop a pill knowing he probably had no infection and certainly had no intention of finishing the entire course, I wanted to shout out "Noooooooo!"

It's a funny thing – we're all in this together, but when it comes down to it and we don't feel good, we want a quick fix and don't want to think about the long-term effects of the choices we make. Writing this piece made me want to step up more and do my part in keeping the bacteria from developing drug resistance. Live a healthy lifestyle to keep infection away, try to fight off illness without drugs as long as is feasible, and then when I do take antibiotics, finish the whole course.

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