Commonly Confused Medications

These medications have similar names, but are used for very different purposes:

Adderall - for attention deficit disorder Inderal - for high blood pressure
Flomax - for an enlarged prostate Fosamax - for osteoporosis
Lamisil - for fungal infections Lamictal - for epilepsy
Hydralazine - for high blood pressure Hydroxyzine - for hives and itching
Norvasc - for high blood pressure Navane - for psychosis
Paxil - for depression Plavix - a blood thinner
Prilosec - for acid reflux Prozac - for depression
Serzone - for depression Seroquel - for schizophrenia
Zantac - for ulcers Xanax - for anxiety
Zidovudine - for AIDS Zovirax - for herpes

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