5 Cool Things About EKGs

An EKG is Like a Record Contract for Your Heart

If you love "American Idol" but can't sing a note to save your life, an EKG provides a way to get noticed for your sense of rhythm. Or, more correctly, your heart's sense of rhythm. As we mentioned on the last page, your heart is like an electric instrument, and those electric impulses determine your heart's rhythm. So, you could think of your heartbeat as a kind of performance. By placing electrodes on your chest and hooking you up to the machine, a doctor can record that electrical performance.

Some people don't realize that they can't sing until they hear a recording of themselves, and this may be true for your heart. By recording your heart's electrical activity, doctors will be able to determine if the rhythm of your heart is irregular or inadequate. If you're nowhere near entering a real recording studio, the printout from an EKG may be the closest thing to your own album. We'll talk more about what can show up on this recording later on in the article.

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