Enzyme Therapy: Killing Cancer Naturally

Benefits & Risk of Enzyme Therapy

Q: Are there downsides to enzyme therapy?

A: Enzyme therapy is part of a rigorous regimen of pills, diet, and detoxification. It requires patients to be very determined and disciplined.

Q: Will my doctor believe this is a legitimate treatment for my cancer? Where can I get it?

A: This approach is still controversial and considered experimental. Dr. Gonzalez and his colleague, Dr. Linda Isaacs, are taking new patients with a variety of advanced cancers, in addition to the clinical trial patients.

Q: How much does enzyme therapy cost? Will my insurance pay for it?

A: The first year of treatment runs in the neighborhood of $10,000, with subsequent years somewhat cheaper. Most of the costs are for supplements but this also includes costs for the required juicer and water filter. Since the treatment is considered alternative, very little is covered by insurance.

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