10 Myths About Addiction

Having a High Alcohol Tolerance Means You're OK
This composite image compares the six booking photos of actress Lindsay Lohan. She's been arrested several times for DUI. Santa Monica Police Department via Getty Images

Some people can down a few six-packs of beer or a bottle of wine like it was nothing. They'll insist they're not alcoholics. "After all, I'm not stumbling around or slurring my words or blacking out," they'll say. "I merely have a high tolerance. A good metabolism. Solid genetics." In reality, their words show just the opposite. They do have a problem, and it's a big one. Most people who drank that much alcohol would be sick — if they could even get it all down. So if you can drink large quantities of booze and feel just fine afterward, that's actually a bad sign [source: Carise].

Anyone who drinks regularly eventually develops a higher tolerance for booze and its effects. So if you have to drink a lot these days to get a buzz, or if you have to drink more and more over time to feel its effects, you likely have a problem.

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