5 Signs of a Shopaholic

Spending Causes Relationship Problems

Compulsive spenders often have problems in personal relationships as well as financial issues. A study published by the World Psychiatric Association found that nearly 70 percent of compulsive shoppers admitted that their behavior caused problems in their relationships [source: Black].

How can a routine task such as shopping ruin marriages, friendships, even careers? First, there's only so much time in one day. Shopping consumes a lot of time for people with compulsive buying disorder. It's not a hobby; it's an uncontrollable, irresistible urge. CBD sufferers spend an inappropriate amount of time being preoccupied with all aspects of the shopping experience -- whether it's time spent tracking bargains or engaging in shopping itself, it's time that's not spent with family and friends, or on the job, and that growing distance may begin to take a toll on intimacy in relationships.

But it's not just a shopaholic's absenteeism that causes trouble. Money is the number-one source of stress in a marriage, and if you're going to fight with your partner, it's probably going to be about spending habits and debt [source: Schmitz]. The best way to deal with financial issues in a relationship is to face them, together, head on, with open communication. But one of the symptoms of compulsive buying disorder is the need to hide what's happening, either hiding how deep the debt has become, the purchases or both. The secrecy can cause (or deepen) rifts in the relationship and damage trust when discovered.

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