Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Stimulants & Depressants

Stimulants — Cocaine/Crack/Methamphetamines

  • Extremely dilated pupils
  • Dry mouth and nose
  • Bad breath
  • Frequent lip licking and jaw moving
  • Excessive activity, difficulty sitting still
  • Lack of interest in food or sleep
  • Irritable, argumentative and nervous
  • Talkative, but conversation often lacks continuity, rapidly changes subjects
  • Runny nose, cold or chronic sinus/nasal problems, nose bleeds
  • Use or possession of paraphernalia, such as small spoons, razor blades, mirror, little bottles of white powder and plastic, glass or metal straws


  • Lack of facial expression or animation
  • A flat or flaccid appearance
  • Slurred speech

Note: There are few readily apparent symptoms. Abuse may be indicated by activities such as frequent visits to different physicians for prescriptions to treat "nervousness," "anxiety," or "stress," etc.

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