How can you entertain kids with ADHD?

Swimming is a great activity for children with ADHD.
Swimming is a great activity for children with ADHD.

A child who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) finds it extremely difficult to sit still for any length of time. The first thing a parent of a child with ADHD should do is find ways to get him or her out of the house. Sitting in front of a TV set for hours on end simply isn’t healthy for any kid, much less one who has ADHD. On the other hand, a child with ADHD can derive real benefits from getting involved in certain sports. One example of a good physical activity to get involved in is the martial arts. For all kids, the martial arts are a fun way to channel some of that excess energy. Because of the concentration and total immersion that the martial arts require, kids with ADHD can find a real focal point by getting involved in such an activity.

Besides the martial arts, there are other sports that can keep kids with ADHD entertained. In particular, sports that don’t have too much downtime are well-suited for kids who have ADHD. Swimming is a particularly good sport to get children with ADHD involved in. In fact, Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Since kids with ADHD have such a difficult time remaining focused, they tend to be drawn to activities that make it easier for them to focus on a particular task. Besides certain sports, any activities that consist of figuring out how things work are good to involve kids with ADHD in. Building models and carving wood are a couple of examples of activities that require sustained focus in order to be done successfully. Such activities force the brain and hands to work simultaneously, helping kids with ADHD concentrate better. Because of this, children with ADHD tend to enjoy analyzing how mechanical things work.

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