5 Tips for Conscious Living

Profile Yourself
What do you see when you put yourself under a magnifying glass?
What do you see when you put yourself under a magnifying glass?
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There's been lots of debate over the merits and shortcomings of criminal profiling. Regardless, just as a criminal task force may develop a list of traits and behaviors commonly found in perpetrators, you can develop a profile of your own life and glean useful information about yourself in doing so. By examining your habits, thoughts and actions, a picture may begin to form of the life you're currently leading. Noting differences between the life you want to be living and the life you actually are living is one way to take a step toward living a more conscious life.

Look for self-destructive behaviors in your life, such as substance abuse. Try to identify actions that are hurtful or detrimental to others. Pinpoint what sets off your temper, and what makes you anxious.

But this isn't just about creating a negative profile. Identify the positive things you do as well. What brings out the best in you? What life-affirming activities do you include in your life? In what ways do you help others or work to make the world a better place? Ask yourself: Am I doing what I want to be doing and, if so, is that what I should be doing? Determine the patterns of your own behaviors and you just may be able to change them and enable a more mindful life experience.