5 Tips for Conscious Living


Meditate or Pray

If you want to live a more conscious life, you may want to take a moment to do … nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. Meditation and prayer are excellent ways to move yourself toward conscious living, as meditation and prayer are themselves affirmations that you'll live consciously.

No matter what you call it ("taking a moment to myself" suffices), it doesn't have to take much time -- you just need a few minutes of solitude once or twice a day.

Meditation involves breath control, focus and blocking out external stimuli in an attempt to reconnect with your most basic essence. Many people believe that it helps them be more conscious of the moment, more mindful for the rest of the day, and that it helps them "reset" themselves.

It doesn't matter what your religious beliefs are, because all of them provide the opportunity to take a moment to express gratitude, reconnect with your spiritual beliefs, and ask for or reaffirm intentions to overcome a fault or obstacle.