5 Tips for Conscious Living


Look at Your Life with New Eyes

Is your life in need of repair?
Is your life in need of repair?
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When we drive down an unfamiliar street in a foreign city, our senses detect everything and we take everything in: the colors and shapes of homes and businesses, the darkness of each alleyway, and the sounds of urban life. But when we drive down the street we live on, we see and sense very little because we know what's there -- it's almost like we're seeing our memory of the street rather than the street itself.

Likewise, when we look at our own lives, it's hard to see what's really going on. It's not a skill you're lacking -- think about a friend's life for a moment and you'll come up with all sorts of things to fix. It's just harder to do when you turn your focus on yourself, but it's possible. Try to consider your physical, emotional and situational surroundings for the first time all over again. What would a stranger see if they walked into your life? Does your life look like it's going forward, or is it in a state of disrepair? Even if the conditions of your life have seemingly remained the same for some length of time, you've still changed and may discover that you view things differently than when you last took a "first look" around.